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HomeCook's intuitive platform helps food entrepreneurs access commercial kitchens, while also empowering kitchen owners to diversify their revenue streams.

Connecting food businesses

with kitchen spaces

Connecting food businesses with kitchen spaces

Discover how we can help you:

Expand beyond your home kitchen with HomeCook

Focus on what your culinary dream looks like and let HomeCook take care of the how.

Expand beyond

your home kitchen

• Gain access to a network of approved and well-equipped commercial kitchens.

• Easily find and book kitchen spaces that match your specific needs.

• Receive guidance on regulatory requirements such as licensing and permits.

• Stay informed about crucial food safety regulations.

• Leverage HomeCook’s community features to build valuable connections.

Food Entrepreneurs

Kitchen Operators

Monetize your

extra space

Monetize your extra kitchen space and support food entrepreneurship in your community.

• Unlock new income channels by effortlessly connecting with food entrepreneurs seeking commercial kitchen spaces.

• Support & Access to a platform that helps streamline your kitchen management and rental processes.

• Leverage a user friendly platform to manage booking acceptances based on preferences

• Empower control over community access, including membership approval and status management

• Access to HomeCook’s vibrant culinary community

Monetize your extra kitchen space and support food entrepreneurship in your community with HomeCook App

The HomeCook story

Our founders, Tayana & Hassan, discovered this struggle during the COVID-19 pandemic after many of their culinary industry friends were laid off from their jobs overnight. Instantly, their friends went from running successful culinary businesses or working in restaurants to becoming food entrepreneurs and cooking out of their own homes. In the beginning, it was smooth sailing. As their businesses grew, they struggled with cooking in their homes, finding affordable commercial kitchen space, and truly taking their business to the next level.

After listening to their friend's complaints and researching, Tayana & Hassan realized how hard it was to grow in the food industry because of the lack of resources, information, and affordable kitchen space. Everyone felt they were on an island, and Tayana & Hassan wanted to bring them all the resources they needed to join the mainland.

On the flip side, during the pandemic, many restaurants struggled to open back up under the proper protocols, and once they did, they were met with less demand for their kitchens.

Home Cook’s mission is to connect food entrepreneurs to commercial kitchens to enhance their businesses. Growing a business in the food industry should be accessed by all, and it's that simple. With HomeCook, the food industry can continue to grow for all.

Our Vision:

Become the go-to platform that provides access to key resources, insights and connections for businesses in the food industry.

Hassan Badru


Hassan Badru - Co-founder of HomeCook

Erin Carr

Product / UX Design

Meet Our Team 

Tayana Harrison


Tayana Harrison - Co-founder of HomeCook

David Villaviencio

Engineering Intern

Naim Hossain

Dev Intern

Saheed Badru - Growth/Product Lead

Saheed Badru

Product Lead

Letica Nunez Nova

Marketing Intern

Funmi Adesanya

Social Media Intern

Washington D.C.


Available Locations

Northern Virginia

While I could have gone and found rental kitchens to work with, Tayana & Hassan at HomeCook provided a service that ensured that I could run a food business successfully.

Jon Chung

bang'n you

Not only have they been dedicated to helping me find a new location for our granola manufacturing company, but I can feel that they genuinely want to see me succeed.

Stephanie Williams

Oh-Mazing Food

Hear from our customers

We connect passionate food entrepreneurs with kitchen owners who are ready to maximize their space.

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